Why organic cotton?


Cultivating conventional cotton uses the most herbicides in agricultural farming. Each season cotton is sprayed 20-25 times with different toxins.  Additionally, toxic herbicides, such as "Roundup" are used to allow for machine harvesting.

During transportation and storage, chemicals are used to protect the cotton against mould and bugs.

Based on the estimates of a couple of organizations, about 20.000 people –mainly children- die worldwide from pesticide usage at cotton farms.


Organic cotton prohibits the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Additionally no herbicides are allowed to be used, so that the cotton is harvested by hand.

Why GOTS-certification?


Unfortunately just buying an organic cotton T-Shirt alone does not help much.  It is not only the cotton harvest that uses large quantities of harmful chemicals but also the processing afterwards eg. the dying process. The term organic is not protected in most countries, so producers can label virtually anything organic.

Only far-reaching certificates, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), ensure full compliance, since the complete value-chain from the cotton cultivation through the transport to the final point-of-sale are checked by an independent authority.

Work and social standards are checked throughout the production. “Enfant Terrible” is certified as sustainability and fairness are our first priority.

You can find all the rules for our products and certificates at: http://www.global-standard.org/.

About Us


Enfant Terrible is a children´s wear design label from Stuttgart, Germany. Our collection is produced from GOTS certified organic cotton in Turkey


Why did I start „Enfant Terrible“?


As a mother of two, I’ve always been searching for organic clothes that still look stylish.

Unfortunately there’s limited availability for stylish organic clothes, so I decided to found my own company after 13 years of design experience in women’s wear.

A top priority is that all material is GOTS-organically certified (www.global-standard.org) and that I personally have met the producers and how they work.

When growing cotton only organic fertilizer and natural pest control is used. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The cotton is harvested by hand.

The producer in Istanbul is producing the yarn from cotton balls in its own spinning mill. Its the first fair trade certified producer in Turkey and they have been doing this since 1999.

In the knitting mill, the yarns are knitted into T-Shirt and Sweatshirt fabrics. Through mechanical and thermal treatment, the fabrics are refined to the desired finish.

All dyes are non-toxic and no heavy metals, weighting agents, binders or formaldehyde are used. Our fabrics are dyed in a water-dye-solution. The waste heat of the water is further used to generate electricity.

The subsequent processing to our clothes happens under the strictest socio-economic standards, such as fair pay and appropriate working hours.

Besides ensuring organic and fair production with the strictest organic label, GOTS, I’m testing the „Enfant Terrible“ clothes regularly in an independent German laboratory.